Creative Solutions Exist in the Mirror of our Inner and Outer World

In our world there are many different species; humans being only a small fraction of what is conscious here.  If we look at this world as a conscious living entity,  then a secret to creating greater health and vitality would be to pay attention to the signals of the whole, drop the illusion that we are isolated individuals and begin to tap into the consciousness of the world around us.

I’ve heard it said that humans have become like a cancer on the earth.  Over populating, polluting and plundering the world’s resources while maintaining an arrogant attitude of species supremacy.  We exist in a collective insanity that has the majority acting as if we are independent and somewhat in control of the world around us. When, in truth, the natural defenses of the living planet with its delicate, interdependent ecosystem are working to bring the entire organism back into balance.  Natural disasters, climate change, drought, famine…  these are just some of Nature’s remedies and our concerns.

Another clue to an underlying consciousness that reflects our interdependence is that our outside worlds are mirrored in our inner worlds.  We can see the struggles in our bodies with increases in cancer, autoimmune disease, and new hostile viruses.

How do we reverse this spiral of de-evolution, the demise of the human race and the destruction of our planet?  I believe we still have the ability.  In fact, we can be part of the cure.

It is time for us to become a conscious part of the co-creative solution.

The answers to our challenges, both in our ‘inner and outer’ worlds will be found when we drop the illusion of separateness. Living in connection with the world around us enables us to listen deeply to the creative solutions that will be revealed when we tap into the wisdom and healing just below the surface of our conscious minds.