Dreaming the Possible into Being

There is a place and a time for dreaming.  We are often told to be practical; this is not the time, nor the place to dream.  I am here to tell you dreaming is precisely what is needed.  In fact, you need to dream big.  Dream mythically.  For what the world needs now is a vision of the possible; a vision that can inspire hope and bring a direction to healing and wholeness.

Have you ever in the deepest secret part of your mind, dreamed what and who you truly are?  For me, I have seen myself mythically as a prophet, or ‘way-finder,’ complete with a long flowing white robe carrying a staff and leading people on a journey.  I never saw the destination, only the process of leading, and knowing that it was important.  This is my own mythic image.

I have talked to others who have their version.  One friend has seen herself on a throne of books, regally expressing wisdom and recording the visions of her dreams to pass down as ways to expand and enrich others.

The mythic lives I hear about almost always seem to have the individual offering their unique gifts, passions and talents to others to better the world around them.

So what does it mean to have a mythic self?  How can a vision of myself as a prophet really – or more important practically – help in my day-to-day life?  Well, if we understand what moves us, what our natural passions and yearnings are, we can harness these and work with the powers of the universe to create our world.  If enough people step into who they really are, we will create a civilization that works.  You see, each person, each individual, has an essential role to play in creating the global community.