Exploring Greece’s Spiritual Crossroads:
The Philosopher, the Pilgrim and the Mystic

Mount Olympus. Ancient Philippi. Thessaloniki. Aristotle’s School at Mieza. The Acropolis. Apollo’s Temple. The Oracle at Delphi. Join us on a multisensory experiential journey of like-minded souls, with Greece’s rich ancestry in the emergence of philosophy, religion, spirituality and enlightenment as an evocative backdrop to your own mythic inward journey.

Together, we will be taken on a magnificent adventure across Greece, with a focus on its landscape as a spiritual crossroad where some of the greatest philosophers, pilgrims and mystics have walked these same steps since ancient times. Imagine exploring ancient sites, savoring pungent local flavors, and feeling the heady excitement of rediscovering the substantive mythology of Homer, Sophocles, Plato, and Aristotle.

greece_dining_250pxOur host will be one of Greece’s most renowned and respected private tour guides, Kapi Panou, whose extensive knowledge and enthusiasm will weave a passionate and vivid portrait of the historical context for our journey.

This adventure is so much more than an ordinary tour through Greece. The “outer” journey has been specifically designed to bridge the past with the present, enabling you to take a reflective “inner” journey, which will enable you to explore your greater human capacities and hidden resources that exist just below the surface of teaching_2_240pxyour everyday conscious life.

No aspect of this trip has been overlooked. George Koufopoulos, owner of Exceptional Journey, has personally overseen every detail of this adventure of a lifetime so that you can relax and immerse yourself in the total experience.

Pre-Trip: The Journey Begins
Preparation for this rich, multi-sensory experiential journey begins one month prior to departure, when you will have the opportunity to participate in weekly calls with Jennifer. She will guide the group to form a conscious collective to enhance the evolutionary experience of this journey through both inner and outer mythic landscapes. This powerful and deeply transformative individual-and-collective process is designed to harness the evolutional power of the collective while offering an opportunity for deeper individual exploration.

What We Will Explore on Our Journey
Here’s is a brief sampling of the mysteries we will explore together while in Greece:

The Philosopher ~
Imagine what it would be like to tap into the energy of some of the greatest philosophers in the birthplace of western civilization as you sit in the ruins of the academy where Plato spoke his Symposium of Love. Or to stand in the Mieza where Aristotle initiated Alexander The Great in the philosophy of “becoming a greater human.” What magic lingers in places that still resonate with the echoes of the ancient philosopher’s powerful words? What would it have been like to hear them speak? How would it feel to eat some of the foods they ate, and to see the world as they may have seen it?

The Pilgrim ~

Imagine walking in the steps of Saint Paul; exploring some of the ancient towns he visited, the timeworn roads he crossed on his journey from Neapolis (modern Kavala) and Philippi to Ancient Corinth. What might he have seen and what sounds would have greeted him as he arrived in the small port town of Kavalla over 2000 years ago? What emotions would have stirred his soul as he spoke passionately about his transformative experience, his powerful insights, epiphanies and new beliefs?

Discover the archetypal patterns that play in our inner and outer worlds as we explore Mount Olympus, home of the Twelve Olympian gods of the ancient Greek world. Journey back to the past as you walk up the sloping path to discover the wonders of the Acropolis overlooking Athens.

The Mystic ~
Imagine approaching the ancient site of Delphi, where mythology tells us that Zeus sought to find the center of his “Grandmother Earth;” Apollo was said to have slain Python, “a dragon” that lived there protecting the navel of the Earth, and the Sybils or priestesses of the Oracle would fall into trance and voice delphi_tholos_2_250pxprophecies to pilgrims, politicians, and worshippers of old.

What would it feel like to follow in the steps of bygone pilgrims and priestesses through the ruins of the ancient market place, up the gentle slope past the theater to arrive at the temple of Apollo, where the Oracle whispered her prophecies.

What epiphanies await you as you sit listening for the mysteries whispered by the winds of time? What insights might emerge from the morphic field of energy formed by the legions of spiritual seekers and supplicants that came before you? What inspirations might be ignited within you as you meditate on the ancient temple-of-apollo_250pxdirective to “Know Yourself” carved into the temple of Phoebus Apollo?


  • MEALS:
    • All Breakfasts, Lunch meals & Dinners (except two) as indicated in the itinerary overview
    • Bottled water on the bus, at all times
    • 10 nights double-occupancy accommodation at hotels specifically selected to present different cultural aspects of the places we stay. (Single occupancy available at a surcharge*)
    • All taxes & hotel porterage
    • All transfers from Kavala Airport to Hotel in Kavala
    • Ground transportation, including toll fees, by private bus for all tours & transfers, as described in your program
  • SITES:
    • Entrance fees for all sites & Museums, as indicated in the itinerary overview
    • Professional Guide services throughout the program
    • All guided tours and thematic cross-cultural visits, entry fees to museums and sites
    • 4 weekly Wisdom Gathering experiences leading up to departure.
    • 1 follow-up Wisdom Gathering within one month of return.
    • Wisdom Gathering processes, meditations, tools and salon experiences throughout your 10-day journey.
    • Opportunities to experience one-on-one time with Jennifer during the trip to deepen your experience.


  • International airfare to and from Athens & domestic flight to Kavala
  • Two evenings (dinners) on your own, as per itinerary overview
  • Gratuities
  • Departure transfers to airport from Aegeon hotel, Sounion
  • Passport & visa fees / medical costs
  • Baggage loss / travel or Health insurance
  • Personal items such as e-mail, laundry, telephone & fax calls
  • Other services, not mentioned in the itinerary overview

* Single room supplement
** All meals will be representative of each location’s local cuisine & traditions. Menus are carefully selected to include a variety of tastes and requirements (i.e., vegetarian).