For over 35 years I have had the opportunity to follow my passion and pursue a path of personal growth that has propelled me to explore the mysteries of human potentials, to uncover hidden resources and unlock my own greater capacities. My journey has taken me around the world, visiting sacred sites and attending workshops, studying meditation, integrative medicine, consciousness and transformation. I have learned energy healing techniques in Brazil, attended the Mystery Schools of Damanhur in Italy, and studied at the Chopra Center University in California.

Building on the firm foundation of my extensive training and knowledge, I have been studying, working and traveling with Jean Houston since 2012, mastering transformative techniques designed to enhance the physical, sensory, psychological, mythic-symbolic and spiritual capacities within individuals.

Now my passion is to share what I have learned.  As a “wisdom guide,” one of my greatest joys is to help you realize your inner strengths and gifts while aligning them with your own unique higher destiny.

In these challenging times, with increasing awareness of the global crises facing us all, we are being called to wake to the riches of our deeper truths and share our unique and essential gifts as co-creators in the evolving solutions. No longer can we afford to live in the margins of our true potential, for hidden beneath the patterns and routines of every day life exists the masterful authentic self, fully awake and waiting for each of us to step into our greater power.

Imagine an extraordinary world where an ever evolving you is living brilliantly ‘inpowered’ to be who you truly are; where what you do is eagerly and effortlessly supported, nourished and loved. Where you are seen, heard, and held as vital to the whole. And, where all that is required of you is simply to follow the guidance of your inner knowing, explore your passions, and share your natural, unique gifts.

This is a vision I hold for the future for us all.

This is an emerging reality for those who experience the deep mentoring process of my Wisdom Gathering Journeys.


Jean Houston Private Mentee
Chopra Center University Certifications:
          Chopra Perfect Health: Ayurvedic Lifestyle Instructor
          Chopra Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor
Damanhur Mystery Schools: School for Spiritual Healers – Certifications
          Stiloself Technique
Global NLP Training – NLP Master Practitioner Certifications:
          Life Coach
          Motivational Coach
          Emotional Intelligence Coach

What People Are Saying
“Jennifer Evanko is one of the most highly evolved human beings I have ever known.  She is mindful, generous, talented, and wise.  As a mentor and friend, she is a magnificent soul guide of profound grace and understanding.”
—Peggy Rubin, Director, Center for Sacred Theater, author To Be and How to Be