Playing in the Garden of Eden

Did you know that we can enter the Garden of Eden any time we want to. It isn’t far away.  In fact it is closer than your next breath. In the Garden of Eden, all that Adam or Eve could possibly want is provided for them. They do not have to think.  This is the key to the Garden. To unlock and enter, you must leave behind your mind. Your thinking mind. Just become aware, and in flow with the world around you.  You see, we never really left the Garden. Not actually.  No, we only stopped seeing it.

The world around us is an illusion; this is one of the things you may have heard.  Illusion, Maya. A playground for consciousness. Within this illusion is the access to all that is needed. The secret is we are the illusionists. We create the illusion. And we play within it as if constrained by defined limitations. In reality, we can access anything we desire.

In fact we are everything we desire.