Damanhur Mystery School Astral Travel Level One




Damanhur Mystery School

Astral Travel Level One – Insight Into The Astral Dimension

2-Day Workshop

Imagine what it would be like if you could consciously exit the physical body, sending your awareness to travel to other dimensions of reality.

You may or may not realize that you have already experienced this ‘projection of your consciousness’ outside of the physical body as a common occurrence in your natural dream state. In this course, you will reawaken this hidden ability to explore other dimensions (astral planes) while being fully alert and completely relaxed.

The knowledgeable, experienced instructors will guide you in safe exercises,  with audio and toning accompaniment, and support from Selfic equipment, to expand your perceptions of your personal boundaries while deepening your knowledge of reality itself.

Level 1—“Insight into the Astral Dimension”
Discover the astral dimension as a plane of reality, meet beings that ‘inhabit’ this plane, and begin to explore detachment with specialized techniques and safe ways to exercise and develop this ability.

Workshop price: $280
Early bird discount: $250 (Up to 30 days before Course begins)

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