Damanhur Mystery School Divination Workshop




Damanhur Mystery School Divination Workshop

Pittsburgh, PA, May 3/4, 2018

2-Day Workshop

This course focuses on exploring the many ways in which reality always speaks to us.

Cards and other tools of Divination contain symbols which create a resonance that allows us to read the messages inherent within each individual card.  The cards serve as a bridge to translate thoughts into concepts to be used for growth and knowledge. The techniques taught in this class will enable you to develop your intuitive skills, enhance your sensitivity, reach higher levels of consciousness, and act with calm decisiveness in any situation.

Drawing on her knowledge of Mantic and Divination Shama Viola will demonstrate the validity of these systems, and teach people how to find answers to their questions through a variety of different tools. Theory and practice will weave together to make this course a fun but deeply insightful experience of the magic that’s possible to access in daily life, by anyone.

Workshop price: $280
Early bird discount: $250 (Up to 30 days before Course begins)

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