Damanhur Mystery School Dream Path Level One Workshop




Damanhur Mystery School Dream Path Level One Workshop

Pittsburgh, PA, March 8/9, 2018

All of us dream, even if we don’t remember them. In fact, we are always dreaming–even while awake. Dreaming is a fundamental element of life for human beings and is vital for the development of our self-awareness as well as our spiritual growth.

What Damanhur considers ‘The Inner Sense of Dreaming” lays dormant in many people, out of reach in their waking world, but there is a way to awaken this Inner Sense, and once awakened, it can be trained so we can actively participate in different realities happening simultaneously.

The Ways of the Dream focuses on exploring the magical dimension of the dream, rather than the psychological or psychoanalytical one, and is taught on three levels.

Level I–In this course you will learn  to interpret your dreams on a personal level, using a system based on free association, as well as a series of other tools based on numbers, colors, repeated words, anagrams and mantras. You will use an original technique used, developed at Damanhur, to open psychic patterns that support the passage to different levels of dreaming. These are based on dream signs: archetypal signs that are known and understood by the unconscious mind. Traced as patterns, these signs clear our internal channels and open new ways of thinking within us. In Level I, you will receive five such patterns, which will result in changing the form of your dreams. (This course is taught in one, longer than usual, day.

Workshop price: $280
Early bird discount: $250 (Up to 30 days before Course begins)

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