Damanhur Mystery School Journey One Intensive



Damanhur Mystery School Journey One Intensive –

“Opening The Self”

Location: Pittsburgh, PA ~ Fall, 2017

We all have talents and abilities that go well beyond those expressed on the physical level through the five senses. The first year of Damanhur’s Mystery school opens a window into that inner world, allowing you to enjoy a surprising and unexpected landscape.

Explore and Discover:
➢ Perspectives of ancient wisdoms drawn from the deep history of humanity.
➢ The laws that govern matter and its interaction with spirit,
➢ The dimension of time – both universal and personal
➢ Past lives, to then identify your profound talents and activate the senses of your soul.
• Astral Travel I
• Ancient Civilizations and pre-Atlantean History I
• Inner Harmonization I
• Past Lives Research I (max 16 per class)
• Spiritual Physics I
• The Dream Path I
• Divination
• Past Lives Research II (NOTE: Past Lives is offered a few times a year. You must leave at least six months between each Level. Level II can be taken locally during the next year or in Italy at Damanhur during Journey Two.)

JOURNEY ONE, MYSTERY SCHOOL INTENSIVE (includes all courses in Journey One)
$1800 (save over $500 on the cost of purchasing Journey One as individual classes)

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