September 2019 Journey – The Mysteries and Magic of Damanhur


Experience the Mysteries and Magic of Damnhur, Italy
SEPTEMBER 20TH – 30TH 2018

Pay a deposit of $1,400.00 per item


Experience The Mysteries and Magic of Damanhur
September 20th – 30th, 2018

“A laboratory for the future of humankind.”

A United Nations award-winning sustainable eco-community based on ethical and spiritual values, Damanhur is renowned for its artistic, spiritual and social research. Nestled in the alpine foothills of Piedmont, Italy. Damanhur is a highly evolved community of 600 individuals. It is a self-contained Republic with its own Constitution, culture, art, music, currency, schools and uses of science and technology.
We are living in a momentous time, when many (perhaps you?) are asking profoundly important questions. If you are feeling both the gravity and great potential of this time, if you can’t shake the niggling sense that there is something more to life, if you are truly ready to reach for your next level of personal inquiry, and if you desire to venture into the mystical with like-minded others, then you owe it to yourself to be a part of this trip. You will be nurtured and nourished every step of the way on this epic adventure.

We will visit:

  • The Temples of Humankind: An extraordinary subterranean cathedral of art and architecture that has been called the “Eighth Wonder of The World.” Like the great Pyramids and Gothic cathedrals of the world, this Temple is a solemn place for meditation; yet unlike them, it is also an alchemical laboratory. Every architectural detail follows a precise code of form and proportions according to an ancient sacred language. Each “hall” is dedicated to a specific function, which you will personally experience.
  • The Sacred Woods Temple: In Damanhur philosophy, a forest is a magical place where the complexity of life is expressed in a harmonious interweaving of many forms of animal, plant and subtle life. The Sacred Woods Temple is a dedicated space for meditation and contact with trees and nature spirits. You will experience the power of the labyrinths that form miles of pathways amongst the trees, each with a special function.
  • The Italian countryside: We will visit places in the greater Damanhur area to learn and to just relax and enjoy the beauty of the lush valley of Valchiusella. Of course, you cannot visit Italy without having the best pasta and pizza on earth, and maybe a little vino rosso.
  • Turin: We will travel to Turin, the city of sports cars and chocolates, but also ancient artifacts. We will visit the Egyptian Museum of Turin and learn about Damanhur’s unique connection to Egypt.

We will also learn about:

  • Music of the Plants: How Human Interaction Changes Plant Behavior: Research involving plant perception and the biorhythms of trees and plants.
  • Selfica: How these specialized tools use intelligent energy for specific functions in healing. The technology and wisdom of Selfica dates back to the ancient Egyptian, Etruscan, Celtic and Minoan cultures. There will be time in the schedule to experience a Pranatherapy session, which utilizes a Selfic device that is directly connected to the Temples.
  • Mystery School – Damanhur’s Mystery School offers a 3-year curriculum that leads participants on an intense journey of self-discovery.
  • Sustainable eco-community life. We will experience “nucleo” life (the homes of Damanhur residents), including Damanhur’s farming nucleo and farm-to-table restaurant.

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$1400 deposit. Balanced required by August 1st.