Wisdom Gathering: Path of the Mystic Explorer Series $495


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The Path Of The Mystic Explorer
Exploring Uncharted Territories of the Quantum Mind
Next Starting Date to be Advised

The Virtual Wisdom Gathering Experience is a 12-session series.

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    Over the course of this series we will move with gentle awareness through the different layers of SELF.  We will start with the layer of your Physical SELF, which includes the objective and measurable reality of the world around us (our extended body), the personal body, and the energetic body.  Next, we will explore the Subtle layers of your Psychological SELF with the mind, the intellect, and the ego, and then the Causal layers or Spiritual SELF of your personal soul, the collective soul, and Source.

    Each week, Jennifer will be guiding you with this gentle focus, however, as together we weave and strengthen the conscious collective of our group, we shall begin to follow ‘cues’ from the collective higher guidance (the ‘Group Entelechy’) and start journeying into the mysteries hidden beneath the surface of conscious reality. With innocent curiosity and wonder, you will experience the power of this collective soul to evolutionarily propel you on your individuated journey of discovery of SELF.

    **Important—this gentle focus is NOT a strict syllabus of what to expect in our journey, but rather is more like an explorer’s map with a penciled outline of a potential direction. I will share with you the compass connected to the collective soul to guide you toward stepping into the power of your Authentic SELF. What I can guarantee are three things:

    1. You will be deeply connecting with your inner guidance for profound insights and experiences.
    1. You will recognize increases in synchronicities, intuition and clarity with regards to both your ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ life.
    1. There will be wonderful surprises and opportunities for deep transformations as you begin this journey with innocent curiosity and wonder, allowing for spontaneous diversions and the deep guidance of the collective quantum mind.

    CLICK HERE for more information about what you will experience during this series

    The format is via weekly live teleconference calls during which you will experience deep processes and journeys. At the end of each session there will be time for sharing. Depending on the sharing, calls will last from 60 to 90 minutes.

    The 12-session Virtual Wisdom Gathering Segment includes:

    • 12 Wisdom Gathering Group Journey sessions
    • 1 Personal (one-on-one) Intake call for new participants with Jennifer (15-30 minutes)

    Next Series Starting Date to be advised 

If another day and time works better for you, Email us here. New groups are forming all the time.

Installment payment options available on request to the email address above.