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Adventures in Consciousness Subscription Program
8:00pm-9:30pm EST/5:00pm – 6:30pm PST
(Sessions Held On The 2nd And 4th Wednesday of Each Month)

Many times we’ve heard that we are divine beings of light – spiritual beings having a temporary human experience.   But what does this actually mean?  More to point, what possible practical application could this have in helping us make sense – and success of – our day to day lives? At our essence, we are all vast and incredibly powerful beings operating in human form at just a fraction of the full wattage of our light.  But what if there were a way to have complete access to the full spectrum of your being as a real, ongoing experience, as opposed to just an intellectual understanding?

What might it be like to create and navigate your life from a place of complete coherence, fully connected to all that you are and all that you know, with unfettered access to all the gifts, abilities, knowledge and wisdom that your soul has accumulated during all your adventures throughout space and time?

If you feel that you have studied as much as you need to know and are now ready to uncover and experience the secrets your soul knows…ADVENTURES IN CONSCIOUSNESS is a brand new, ongoing subscription series inspired by some of the world’s classic guides for spiritual growth and development, including A Course in Miracles, The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success, The Power of Intention, Abraham and Esther Hicks’ The Law of Attraction, The Vortex, and more.

October 26th/27th

Damanhur Mystery School 2-Day Workshop

Ancient Civilizations & Pre-Atlantean History
10:00am – 6:00pm EST

The universe is far older than what is written in our history books, and understanding its narrative can unlock dormant memories and knowledge within us that are fundamental if we are to consciously expand and complete the evolutionary project of inner reawakening in which we are all actively or unconsciously participating in as a human species.

October 28th/29th, 2017
Damanhur Mystery School 2-day Workshop
Astral Travel

Discover the astral dimension as a plane of reality, meet beings that ‘inhabit’ this plane, and begin to explore detachment with specialized techniques and safe ways to exercise and develop this ability.

January 25th/26th, 2018
Damanhur Mystery School 2-day Workshop
Spiritual Physics & Humanistic Philosophy

In this course, you will learn how Spiritual Physics provides a framework to understand practical cosmology and answer our biggest questions such as Who are we? Where do we come From? Why are we here? And where are we going?

January 27th/28th, 2018
Damanhur Mystery School 2-day Workshop
Inner Harmonization

Inner Harmonization is a Damanhur meditation technique, taught in three progressive levels, which is of Atlantean origin and essence.  Its purpose is to teach you how to harmonize your energies, and contact your spiritual and subtle dimension.

March 8th/9th, 2018
Damanhur Mystery School 2-day Workshop
Dream Path

What Damanhur considers ‘The Inner Sense of Dreaming” lays dormant in many people, out of reach in their waking world, but there is a way to awaken this Inner Sense, and once awakened, it can be trained so we can actively participate in different realities happening simultaneously.

March 10th/11th, 2018
Damanhur Mystery School 2-day Workshop
Communication With The Plant World

For the past 40 years, Damanhur has conducted extensive research of the plant world and the ability of plants to communicate. Through their experiments, they have learned that plants have feelings, memory and actually can communicate. And now they have created a device that allows you to listen to the “music of the plants.” Imagine a concert performed by your favorite houseplants.

March 3rd/4th, 2018
Damanhur Mystery School 2-day Workshop

Cards and other tools of Divination contain symbols which create a resonance that allows us to read the messages inherent within each individual card.  The cards serve as a bridge to translate thoughts into concepts to be used for growth and knowledge. The techniques taught in this class will enable you to develop your intuitive skills, enhance your sensitivity, reach higher levels of consciousness, and act with calm decisiveness in any situation.

March 5th/6th, 2018
Damanhur Mystery School 2-day Workshop
Past Lives Research

If you’ve ever wondered who you are, where you come from, and why you are here… Damanhur’s unique Past Lives Research Workshop offers you a rare opportunity to unravel the mystery and retrieve the memories, talents, and possibilities contained within you! Using a series of dynamic activities, this highly creative interactive workshop will bring to the surface memories and clues to a specific past life.