What if you were born in a world of “WE” rather than “I”?

Closing my eyes, I slip into the inner worlds of the imaginal…

As if in a dream, she appears before me, a glowing angel in long white linen robes.  Holding out her hand, she smiles, inviting me to join her on another adventure.  Wistfully, I follow as we pass into a familiar field of mist as I open to the mysteries of transition and change.  Moving with her, I notice I have changed.  I am now a child.  Leaving behind all that I am and stepping in alongside her to become all that I truly am.    Innocent wisdom.  Surrendered to a connection of knowing without the need or desire to define or intellectualize.  This is a space of surrender and flow.  I move through this place with the guidance of my soul.  My higher knowing.  Personified as Entelechy standing at my side. I am embraced in her field of pure love and empowerment. I am being brought into my own future.

Entelechy continues, walking through the mists, and I follow, guided without expectation of anything in particular.  Content in knowing that I can release to the guidance.  Knowing that I will be shown something, receive some understanding that is needed right now, or explore someplace that will help inform how to move through my world now.  It is with a sense of wonder and curiosity that I begin to ‘see’ the first glimmer of something ahead.  I feel it, more than see it, as a golden glimmer. There is a sense of civilization with buildings and people.  At the same time, there is a sense of gold.

As if I am looking through a portal in the mist at a scene that with one part of my vision looks like a sunny day in a beautiful city with contented people walking on a sidewalk.  There is a woman with a little boy walking next to her happily followed by a dog (off leash).  There is a man walking past in the opposite direction.  Dressed for business, carrying a briefcase, and moving with intent.  As he passes, he smiles and reaches out to pet the dog.  All of the people I see moving in this scene appear to move with intention, with direction while exuding lightness with contentment in nature.  It could be anywhere, any city except for the feel.  There is a lightness, a kindness, a cleanliness, a vitality…

At another level of my sight, I notice the brilliant energetic essence of the scene.  All that is in the vision seems to exist in a golden aura.   The first impression was this golden glimmer.  Now, with this energetic sight, I begin to see a civilization of golden aura.   A higher level civilization.  The people here are brilliant in their energetic essence.  Golden people.   I can see them with two visions.  From one perspective, they are people, like you would see walking the street in any town in the US.  A mix of ethnicities, sexes, ages, all looking very healthy and vibrant.  With the other vision, the energetic sight, I see they are glowing.  Lightbeings.  All of them are radiating a pure power.  An aura that is distinct and radiant.  Clear.  Open.  Not fearful.  Not struggling between the illusion of misunderstanding.  These people know who they are.  They know how they are connected.  There is a smooth flow between what they are doing and who they are and how they are interconnected.  There is a recognition of each other in their individuality.  And because they see each other’s divinity, they are all divine.

I open up and step out of my own preconceived notions of who I am, releasing any limitation, and step into their world.  I am one of them.  I am divine.  I am open to be fully who I am.  No fear, no misunderstanding or misconception or limitation.  I fill my place fully in this world.  I feel my place and flow into it.  I grow in understanding, and as I grow there is room for my evolving.  My expansion.  My experience of myself.  And I share who I am with the collective.  For who I am informs all of who they are.  Together we make a world that works.  Not just for a human species, or human conscious perspective. No, there are other conscious perspectives that I am connected to.  They are all facets of the one, all connected and individualized.  We are the individualized divine.

This is the growing into the gods.  When we release the separation of the individualized and step into the “collective individualized”  perspective; each “cell’”of the organism given pure awareness of its existence as part of a whole.  Knowing its divinity and its connection.  It lives as an evolution with the whole.  Its expansion is now not an individual expansion but a collective expansion.  A growing at the whole level.

How do we move onto the next level and what will it look like? I ask.

First you must grow into the collective understanding of existence, the collective level of consciousness while maintaining your individualized experience.  This is tricky… only when you look at it from the individualized level.  You can release the fear of losing self then explore the connection to many.

What is it you would desire as a part of a collective?

Growth into a flow that empowers each individual while moving as a collective forward in evolution.  Well this is something for the individual and the collective.  Stay with both.  Be the individual and be the group.  They share in the same desires.  They, as a collective you, want the same things—individualized acknowledgement and group realization.  If you release the need to assure your own success, to acknowledge your own self, then you become what you already are.

You do not need to concern yourself with taking care of yourself.  You are taken care of.  In the flow of life, you are ultimately taking care of yourself as the higher SELF.  So, you have only to release the notion that you are in danger of anything.  Then seek to find what it is that you truly want—to connect and be part of something bigger.  The desire is there to serve the bigger.  To sacrifice all that you are for all that there is.  Well, child, you do this by sacrificing the lonely ego and stepping into the greater you.  In this greater you, you are connected to all that is.  In this greater you, you are a team of awarenesses.  Play in the field of higher consciousness now.

I slip the bonds of a limited ego and expand my awareness to connect with global consciousness.
You hear many voices, can touch many desires, can experience many things, and you can type here, you can be here without being only here.  Release the need to be anywhere and be everywhere.

What does this accomplish?

It’s just an experience at this point, child.    Expand and be as big as you can.   Actually, you are releasing the need to be small. And allowing your awareness to touch and connect with all while maintaining an individualized knowing perspective that you are still a self in a greater connected self.  Go there now.  The globe, the Earth is your container.  Feel Her consciousness.    You are a cell of this organism.  You are connected to all other cells.  You are infinitely aware of all that there is to this organism.  And yet, you maintain the function and capacity of the single life of a cell.  But tapped into the whole organism.  You can be informed of what is needed for the whole and how you can fulfill your function in the living part of you while connected to the divine, or greater you.    You begin to see what it is like to be the organism and not the cell alone.  The lonely cell is a cancer, the connected cell is the organism, the global intelligence or global consciousness.    There isn’t a physical brain or one location for this intelligence; the global intelligence is a level of consciousness.  Sinking into the collective that is the knowing of the planet.  Taste the awareness of the planet as a whole.  At this level of consciousness, this great collective, there is a desire of “global self” survival and a marshaling of intelligences to see that it survives.  The movement of nature, the rise and fall of crises in humans, the balancing nature of disaster and relief.  It is an attempt of this “global living organism,” the global conscious organism, to balance itself into its own evolutionary trajectory.  It must pull all of its intelligences into alignment with the whole.  The collective must begin to feel itself and to move as a cohesive evolutionary force.  Individualized and gifted, yes.  And singularly aware.  With this understanding and palpable awareness of connection, then our local lives can be maintained as an optimal pattern of existence.

You, we, I, will all be the same at a global level of our being while the I in the local will experience development and fulfillment, will experience the world in a living, changing environment; enjoying, or rather experiencing, a life with its ups and downs while growing into something more, towards some thing that will be the yearning of the individual soul.  There will still be that pull towards something.  But there will be a change in the reality around each individual to match the inner connection and the cohesive nature of the consciousness that is the individual and collective