Are You Ready To Step Into Your Authentic Power & Share The Magic of Who You Are?

Are you yearning to experience more connection and expanded consciousness? Are you excited at the prospect of:

Unlocking the mysteries of Time Travel

Engaging in Multi-dimensional journeys to unlock your coded potentials

Harnessing the talents of your Inner Crew

Uncovering the keys to manifesting and co-creating your reality

Creating your Optimal Body Template, accessing cellular wisdom, and working with your inner healer?

Does the thought of delving into the mysteries of your human potential, and discovering how to enrich your life while transforming the world around you stir a deep longing within you?

Does the prospect of gaining more confidence, clarity and contentment while supporting and improving your work, health, relationships, career and more entice you?

If something within you cries YES! to any of the above, the resonance you feel is confirmation from your soul that you are already in tune with the experiences that this work can deliver.

I invite you to join me as I guide you in deepening into and accessing the secrets coded within the multiple levels of your SELF. Our work together will not be an intellectual endeavor so much as a deeply experiential journey into your interior worlds. I am excited to introduce you to this imaginal realm, where your imagination meets potent potentials. In this expanded state, you will step out of the limitations of your mind and begin to flow with a curiosity and wonder beyond simple fantasy that will unlock the deep knowledge, untapped capacities and vast resources inherent within you.

As an experiential process, it is important to continue the deepening over time. Just like a tea bag, repeated dips into the meta-realm will infuse you with greater connection and access to your own expansive creative resources. If you are excited to explore your fuller potential, the programs listed at the bottom of this page are designed to facilitate your continuing personal journey.

What is a Virtual Wisdom Gathering?


The Wisdom Gathering Program is an illuminating group process in which you will be guided to explore your inner landscapes or ‘meta’ realms to access hidden resources, unlock amplified capacities and align with your higher destiny while enriching your life with greater creativity, clarity, purpose, support and an increased sense of harmony and flow.

Wisdom Gatherings are an important part of my work. I consider myself a well-seasoned traveler and guide of these uncharted territories and inner worlds. As we journey together in small groups into the unfolding mystery of possibility and potential, I share some of the tools, techniques and wisdom I have garnered over the years.

It has been my experience that there is a profound leap in our individual growth when we tap into the evolutionary power of the collective soul. So an important quality of my process with each Wisdom Gathering is the attention I give to forming a tightly connected conscious collective group. One of my gifts is an ability to hold space for the created collective while offering a deepening experience for the individuated soul.

How Does the ‘Virtual’ Wisdom Gathering Work?


The Wisdom Gathering experience, in this ‘virtual’ format, allows you to participate in a series of weekly live teleconference calls. In each of these calls, you will be guided with a small group (5 to 12 people) on an inner journey with processes, meditations, and time for sharing. Depending on the sharing, calls will last from 60 to 90 minutes long.

Each Wisdom Gathering, whether ‘Virtual’ or ‘Salon’ is unique. The energy of the formed collective informs the journeys and the destinations.

What People Are Saying
“I have heard it said that ‘when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.’ I now believe that to be a true statement. Over the years I’ve studied a variety of modalities even becoming proficient in some to teach and use them with clients. I believe each class, each modality was preparing me for the ultimate journey—the one into one’s self. With Jennifer’s Wisdom Gathering sessions I have been able to delve deeper into that part of myself which remains so closely hidden. What a tremendous discovery of Self I’ve already achieved and am eagerly waiting for the next discovery. Jennifer is the teacher for whom I have been preparing. Thank you, Jennifer, for appearing!”

—Serena P. Southern CA