An Exclusive JEvolve Wisdom Gathering Series
Inspired By Damanhur’s Temples of Humankind

Return to the Temples

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Reawaken profound memories, travel the synchronic lines to deepen your contact with the cosmos, and explore your life’s path by contacting your Self in different moments in time to prepare for making inspired choices.

❝When we visit the Temples, in fact or in spirit, we prepare ourselves for an extraordinary journey both into the heart of the Earth, as well as into the very center of our Self, in a dimension where the inside and the outside correspond with each other and are the essence of an alchemical journey.  As we traverse its halls and corridors, we move the air and activate pathways that cast seeds of knowledge inside us – seeds that will sprout in unexpected moments of our lives.❞
Journey into the Temples of Humankind

For Damanhurians, the Temples are a symbol of collective identity, a place for materializing dreams, visions of life, faith in the divine nature of human beings and of the entire universe, represented in a work that is material, tangible, and practical, like the philosophy that animates them.

As you know, the Temples of Humankind are layered with energies, symbols and mysteries within every room and in every detail. While these mysteries are purposefully designed to intrigue the mind, they also speak to the individual and the collective soul, inviting us to reawaken our consciousness.  If you felt a stirring as you gazed upon them with awe and wonder, you can be certain your awareness was responding to the energies of the Temples by activating a coded potential within you.

As Without So Within
In this exclusive 12-week series, we will explore and unlock the mysteries that brought you to Damanhur and nurture the seeds that are now quickening within you.

Over a period of 12 weeks, we will journey inward to further our exploration and deepen our discovery and understanding of the mysteries of the Temples and sacred spaces of Damanhur.  Harnessing frequencies and elements associated with each sacred space, we see in the mysteries of the Temples the reflection of the mysteries inside ourselves, activating and unlocking the coded potentials within us.

This special Wisdom Gathering Series has been specifically created for those who either have been to Damanhur already, or will be visiting in the near future as part of a Damanhur Mystery School group.

Here’s what you will be experiencing each week:

Session One:  On the Edge of the Mystery—The Journey Begins.

➢ Creating the weave of your virtual nucleo
➢ Meeting your entelechy and receiving your talisman
➢ Engaging with your soul’s questions
➢ Exploring the Hall of Wisdom
➢ Interpreting the synchronicities, symbols and signs that brought you to this moment in time
➢ Opening the pathway, creating the space and connecting to the Temples


Session Two: The Blue Temple—Daring to Dream

“To dominate TIME and your Desires you need to DREAM BIG, DREAM WITH OTHERS and DREAM INTENSLY”—Damanhur Live Community.

digging_deep_400x247➢ Reinforcing the weave of our nucleo
➢ Reconnecting with the Entelechy of our group
➢ Harnessing the exponential energy of our conscious collective to envision the biggest dream you could ever dare to dream
➢ Traveling along your timeline of your past and your future
➢ Meeting your past and future selves
➢ Taking the first steps toward reawakening and activating your quantum powers
➢ Who am I? Why me? Why now? And what is my purpose and destiny?

Session Three: Hall of Water—Decoding Hidden Meanings

spiritual_world_400x247➢ Retrieving your ‘Book of Me and Mine’ from the Hall of Wisdom
➢ Reclaiming knowledge of your lineage through space and time
➢ Journeying to the Temple of Water
➢ Communicating with the Blue Sphere
➢ Receiving support from your quantum guides and partners
➢ Unlocking memories and meanings reflected in the ancient symbols, language and signs on the surrounding walls
➢ Decoding the hidden meanings in the sacred language and symbols on the walls

Session Four:  Hall of Mirrors—Exploring the gifts of multidimensionality

➢ Discovering more dimensions of Self and Time in the Hall of Mirrors
➢ Harnessing the latent talents, gifts, and superpowers available to you beyond the confines of the 3rd-dimensional world
➢ Mastering multidimensional navigation and stepping through the mirrors into other worlds
➢ Developing the power of the infinity loop and cellular wisdom


Session Five:  Hall of Spheres—Journeying to Cosmic Realms

➢ Connecting with Quantum Source
➢ Reawakening to an expanded spectrum of being
➢ Connecting with and viewing your life mission from the perspective of Entelechy and with the guidance of your Entelechy’s Entelechy
➢ Utilizing Sphere Gazing to explore the synchronic lines across the universe
➢ Traveling backwards, forwards, and sideways to distant places and times


Session Six:  Hall of Metals—Mastering the Alchemy of Transmutation

limitless_400x247➢ Revisiting different eras along your timeline and communicating with your past and future selves in different moments of time
➢ Discovering the treasures and gifts of each age
➢ Uncovering new meanings in the symbols, choices, and directions of your life path
➢ Working with the elementals at the quantum level to reawaken your power of manifestation
➢ Playing with the fluidity and morphic dimensionality of past, present and future timelines.
➢ Planting seeds and exploring synchronicities in your timeline reality to inspire past, present and future choices and manifest all of your dreams

Session Seven:  Hall of Earth—Merlin, Minerals and Magic

signs_around_you_400x247➢ Deepening and expanding beyond the limitations of the 5 senses
➢ Developing awareness of the infinity flow between you and the world
➢ Accessing the ancestral memories of our species
➢ Forging profound connections with the element of fire, the forces of the earth, and the intelligence of our planet
➢ Charging your talisman with the wisdom of Gaia
➢ Harnessing the magic of Merlin and playing with the animal kingdom
➢ Retrieving knowledge and gifts from the mineral kingdom

Session Eight:  Hall of Victory—Awakening the memories, co-creating your reality

➢ Awakening your inner divinity
➢ Moving beyond the human traits and limitations that slow us down
➢ Discovering and playing with the energies present in our world
➢ Bringing forth the purpose of your project and dancing around the energy that would oppose your dreams
➢ Harnessing the ebbs and tides of life’s rhythms
➢ Fine tuning your sense of timing

Session Nine:  The Labyrinth—As Without So Within

“What divine voice has touched your mind?”—Vadisfadano

youll_never_know_400x247➢ Discovering the power of partnership with a quantum partner
➢ Deepening your relationship with your chosen quantum partner
➢ Co-creating with your quantum partner
➢ Playing with primordial Energies
➢ Exploring the labyrinth with your talisman
➢ Uncovering in deep meditation which divinities play within you


Session Ten:  The Sacred Woods—Merging with Mother Nature

“Listen and learn the Plant Mother World is trying to connect with you…”—Spiritual Vision

➢ Removing the veil and rediscovering the Garden of Eden
➢ Remembering your place within the plant kingdom
➢ Harnessing the knowledge of nature
➢ Playing in the spirals, labyrinths and circuits
➢ Accessing the wisdom of trees and gaining answers to your questions


Session Eleven:  Temple of the People—Accessing deeper levels of Blended Potential

➢ Experiencing your passion as the compass pointing to your higher destiny
➢ Sharing your unique essence as the greatest gift to bring to the Popolo
➢ Harnessing the evolutionary power of the conscious collective to empower the vision of Popolo and inpower the magnificence of you
➢ Mastering the art of oneness.


Session Twelve:  Bringing the treasure home—Discovering the Secret Temple

Weaving it all together–this is the hero’s return.

You have been coded and activated, and now we will unlock the wisdom held in your talisman as you retrace your steps through each Hall with new understanding, gifts, and powers.

This is where you discover that your talisman has become the key to the most sacred and important Temple of all.

This is where your mastery of the mysteries really begins.