The Path Of The Mystic Explorer
Exploring The Uncharted Territories Of The Quantum Mind

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Over the course of this series we will move with gentle awareness through the different layers of SELF.  We will start with the layer of your Physical SELF, which includes the objective and measurable reality of the world around us (our extended body), the personal body, and the energetic body.  Next, we will explore the Subtle layers of your Psychological SELF with the mind, the intellect, and the ego, and then the Causal layers or Spiritual SELF of your personal soul, the collective soul, and Source.

Each week, I will be guiding you with this ‘gentle focus,’ however, as together we weave and strengthen the conscious collective of our group, we shall begin to follow ‘cues’ from the collective higher guidance (the ‘Group Entelechy’) and start journeying into the mysteries hidden beneath the surface of conscious reality. With innocent curiosity and wonder, you will experience the power of this collective soul to evolutionarily propel you on your individuated journey of discovery of SELF.

**Important—this ‘gentle focus’ is NOT a strict syllabus of what to expect in our journey, but rather is more like an explorer’s map with a penciled outline of a potential direction. I will share with you the compass connected to the collective soul to guide you toward stepping into the power of your Authentic SELF. What I can guarantee are three things:

  1. You will be deeply connecting with your inner guidance for profound insights and experiences.
  1. You will recognize increases in synchronicities, intuition and clarity with regards to both your ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ life.
  1. There will be wonderful surprises and opportunities for deep transformations as you begin this journey with innocent curiosity and wonder, allowing for spontaneous diversions and the deep guidance of the collective quantum mind.

Weeks 1 – 4

path_mystic_explorer_brd_1WEEK 1: The Physical SELF – Extended Body – Exploring your inner and outer worlds, unlocking the keys to manifestation, and meeting your Entelechy

In everyday waking consciousness, we move through the world mostly aware of and stimulated by the sights, smells and tastes that come to us from the world around us. This outer most experience of SELF is what ancient yogic sages called our ‘extended bodies.’

In week 1, you will experience a deep process that will enable you to explore the relationship of your inner and outer worlds at the elemental level and unlock the keys to manifesting in your reality.

path_mystic_explorer_brd_2WEEK 2: The Physical SELF – Personal Body – Exploring quantum healing, cellular wisdom, and your optimal body template

In week 1, we explored the outer most layer of our existence, the extended body. Now we will bring your awareness inward, and explore your imaginal or kinesthetic body, gain an awareness of cellular wisdom at the quantum level, and access your optimal body template.

We will also return to the Gathering Space, where you will once again connect with and access the collective momentum of the group to propel you forward on your personal evolutionary journey. You will also experience what it is like to travel in the meta realms with your group as together we create a gathering space and begin to weave the conscious collective.

path_mystic_explorer_brd_3WEEK 3: The Physical SELF—Energetic Body – Exploring the chakras, hidden secrets of your subtle energetic systems, and primordial archetypal patterns

Below the surface consciousness of your extended and personal body is the subtle awareness of your energetic body with its hidden talents and resources.

This week you will gain fresh awareness and insights around your own chakras while learning new techniques to modulate vibration and frequency within your subtle energetic system.

Then, connecting deeply with your own amplified self—your Entelechy—you will explore what is held as past or future memory within your extended subtle body.

Finally, with the conscious collective we will begin to explore relationships with primordial archetypal patterns.

path_mystic_explorer_brd_4WEEK 4: The Psychological SELF – Mind – Expanding your inner senses, enhancing your creativity, crystalizing your goals

In every moment, you are receiving billions of bits of information through all of your senses. Through touch alone you are receiving information from your big toe on your right foot, to the small of your back to your left ear lobe. Of these billions of bits of information, you are consciously aware of only 5 to 9 things in any given moment. These 5 to 9 bits of information become your reality for that moment. So all of this information coming to us from the layers of our physical SELF (the extended body, personal body and energetic body) is received at the subtle, psychological layer of the mind.

In week four, you will exercise your mastery of awareness, enliven your inner senses to ‘cook on more burners,’ access more of the world around you, increase your creativity, and discover new ways to approach projects, goals or challenges.

Weeks 5 – 8

path_mystic_explorer_brd_5WEEK 5: The Psychological SELF – Intellect

Uncovering the fractal patterns of your psyche to shift and expand your reality. Taking a powerful quantum journey to unlock potentials from time past, time present, and time future.

path_mystic_explorer_brd_6WEEK 6: The Psychological SELF – Ego

Embracing the local self – the ego, with it’s unique potent talents, gifts, and resources. Meeting your Inner Crew, to access surprising wisdom and harness hidden abilities.

path_mystic_explorer_brd_7WEEK 7: The Spiritual SELF – Personal Soul

Tapping into the stillness and potent potential of your authentic self and planting the seeds to discover the answers to the deep soul questions.
Experiencing transformative techniques for future pacing your life to align with the power and purpose of your authentic self.

path_mystic_explorer_brd_8WEEK 8: The Spiritual SELF – Collective Soul

Stepping into the Mythic Self.
Experiencing the Full Power of the Collective Mind.
Aligning with an Archetypal Partner.

Weeks 9 – 12

path_mystic_explorer_brd_9WEEK 9: The Spiritual SELF – Source

Journeying deeper inward to merge with your Cosmic Self.

path_mystic_explorer_brd_10aWEEK 10: Integration of SELVES – Bringing it all Together

Guided in a powerful process, you will journey to explore each layer of SELF, accessing resources, insights and wisdom to apply to a specific desire or goal aligned with your soul purpose.

path_mystic_explorer_brd_11WEEK 11: Quantum Powers – Introduction to the multi-dimensional and the multi-verse

Aligned with your unfolding soul purpose, we will now journey to connect with another dimension, where you will meet another ‘you’ to share seeded potentials and activate latent talents.

path_mystic_explorer_5WEEK 12: Weaving It All Together – This Is The Hero’s Return

You have been coded and activated, and now we unlock the wisdom held in your talisman, weave together all your new understandings, gifts and powers,  and bring the treasure home. This is where your mastery of the mysteries really begins.