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Morning Meditations with Jennifer Evanko *Free Group Meditations Daily*


It’s been said that our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

The time is now.  Are you ready to unleash the full measure of your power?

The soul knows when we are living in the margins of our true potential… It wakes us up with subtle signals…

… An aching sense that there’s more to life—and you—than you’re currently experiencing…

… Ethereal whispers in the night of alluring new mysteries awaiting discovery

… Hints of hidden knowledge, gifts, and powers just waiting to be uncovered…

When everything within is whispering NOW is the time, who can you trust to accelerate your awakening?

As a Soul Mentor, Jennifer is adept at facilitating the rich inner experiences that will enable you to expand your awareness, access your hidden resources, and activate your deepest spiritual, sensory, and multidimensional capacities.

The time is now. There are no mistakes. You’re here for a reason. When the voice of your Soul speaks with
unerring wisdom . . . a measure of your power is how closely you listen.

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Meditation Secrets

Keys to deepen your practice

Are you intrigued by the prospect of finding more purpose, joy, and passion in your life? Do you yearn to experience the quickening that signals you’re in sync with the co-creative nature of the universe?

Meditation is a profound personal journey of transformation.  What’s next?  Take a quantum leap. Experience the extraordinary “field effect” that occurs when a coherent group meditates together with a shared intention.

Adventures in Consciousness

Aligning with your soul purpose

Does the thought of delving into the mysteries of your human potential and discovering how to enrich your life while transforming the world around you stir a deep longing within you?

Experience the evolutionary power of this group process as together we take soul-nourishing ‘meta-journeys’ and Adventures in Consciousness.

Damanhur Connection

Courses and conversations

Imagine what you can learn from a community that’s conducted over 40 years research into consciousness and uncovered mysteries from both the future and the past.

 Damanhur is renowned for its artistic, spiritual and social research. “A living laboratory for the future of humankind”

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