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“The spiritual world is inhabited by two species.
Those who seekand those who find.”

– Falco Tarassacco

A 12-week Course with Crotalo Sesamo

Each 90 minute zoom presentation (via zoom) will include a lecture, questions, and a meditation experience.   The themes presented over 12 weeks include:


The Birth of the Universe and the Myth of the Mirror

The Structure of the Soul and its Mission

Falco, Damanhur & Temples of Humankind

A New Timeline – The New Future We Are Living and Creating

The Ancient and Extraterrestrial History of Humankind and of Atlantis

Synchronicity and Synchronic Lines

Distance Healing – How Does it Work?

Selfica – Art and Technology for the future

Time Travel

Your Inner Senses – Your Hidden Treasures

The New Form of the Grail

Dimensions of the Astral realm  

Join Crotalo on Sundays

Live Zoom Chats every Sunday at 3pm Eastern (until August 23rd)
Zoom access:   858 2219 0783.  
Password: Crotalo

Crótalo Sésamo (Alessandro Zattoni) was born in Turin (Italy) in 1970 and has lived in the Federation of Damanhur for more than 28 years as a spiritual researcher, Spiritual Healer, and builder of the Temple.

As a director from 1991-1995, he helped form the Damanhur Center in Turin and from 1996-2010 he created and was CEO of both the Damanhur Welcome Center and the Olami University at Damanhur, which organizes visits, seminars, and educational programs that are enjoyed by thousands of guests from around the globe who visit The Federation and the Temples of Humankind every year.

In 2001 he become Ambassador of Damanhur and now travels the world, teaching, and opening Centers and reference points to teach and opening Centers across the globe.  

As a specialist in the fields of Spiritual Healing, Ancient Civilizations, and Inner Research, he teaches courses in Astral Travel, Past Lives Research, Inner Harmonizing, Selfic Healing, the widening of Perception, and Contact with the Plant World. He also acts as an educator in the realms of social, spiritual, economic, political. and organizational implications of community life, and the relationship with the state, other associations, and communities. In March 2016, he spoke as representative of the Damanhur Federation at the United Nations International Day of Happiness


 Private Sessions with Crotalo offering

 “Seven Stones Divination,” “Prana Healing,” and or “Stiloself Healing.”


The readings are a form of divination exploring the possible future, knowing that the future is not only something that we read but something that we write with our choices, knowing in advance the possible future can help us guide our choices and obtain our desires. During the readings, you can ask questions about the different fields of your life, receiving indications for you and the people that you care for.

Prana sessions are intense regeneration and rebalancing of all our parts: physical, emotional, energetic and mental. It’s also a realignment of all our personalities and a strong help in case of emotional stress. It’s a way to recharge the batteries, especially in these challenging times.

The Selfic treatments are through the Stiloself, an ancient instrument based on Selfica knowledge, combining the use of sacred geometry with materials like metal, crystals and liquids, guide pure energy to shift and enhance the information present in our body and in our environment. The Stiloself is connected to the Temples of Humankind and is able to realign us with this pure source.

The sessions last one hour,  $100/session.   Please contact Crotalo directly for scheduling (Crotalo@damanhur.org)

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