Adventures in Consciousness

“The only source of knowledge is experience.”

— Albert Einstein


A series of journeys designed to take you progressively deeper to unlock the mysteries of Self.


INTRIGUED TO know how to create and navigate your life from a place of complete coherence, fully connected to all that you are and all that you know?

READY FOR a fully experiential plunge into the depths of your being to uncover and retrieve all the secrets and wisdom that your soul wants you to know?

ADVENTURES IN CONSCIOUSNESS is a unique program specifically created with the intention of journeying deeper than you’ve ever gone before.

Each journey guides you into the meta realm where, freed from the limitations of your mind, you get to play and explore the inner and outer reaches of your awareness. 

Supported by an energetically-coherent group of ike-minded adventurers, you will unlock the timeless wisdom of your soul to fully reconnect with the master that you already are.

This extraordinary series of adventures takes you through 4 Pillars of SELF… exploring the multiple dimensions of the human experience.

Pillar One: Physical Realm

Pillar Two: Psychological Realm

Pillar Three: Spiritual Realm

Pillar Four:  Mythic Realms


A 13 Week Exploratory Quest Into The Physical Realm

THE QUEST:  To uncover the first layers of treasures, tools, and super powers that will unlock your later journeys.

Week 1  – An Opening. Connecting To The Ancient Mystery Schools Of History

Week 2  – Exploring The Kinesthetic Body

Week 3  – Connecting With Your Optimal Body

Week 4  – Unleashing Your Body Intelligence

Week 5  – Activating Your Inner Senses, Building Your Personal Inner Temple

Week 6  – Satsang

Week 7  – Initiating Yourself To The Elements Of Creation

Week 8  – Reflections Of The Universe – An Experiential Journey Across The Cosmos

Week 9  – Shapeshifting With Merlin

Week 10 – Unraveling The Mysteries Of Your Energetic Bodies 1 – Discovering The Gifts You Left Behind.

Week 11 – Unraveling The Mysteries Of Your Energetic Bodies 2 – Sound, Vibration, & Color

Week 12 – Satsang

Week 13 – Expanding Beyond The Physical Realm, A Taste of Things To Come