Adventures in Consciousness

“The only source of knowledge is experience.”

— Albert Einstein


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Throughout the ages, wisdom keepers have handed down the keys to enlightenment in sacred scrolls, texts, and teachings.  But, as illuminating as many of these great works can be, their pages can never reveal more than half their secrets; for as the ancients knew, all words of wisdom are just a lure; an invitation designed to intrigue the mind and tease long buried memories with the purpose of opening up a pathway to the only place where truth resides—deep within you.

We have all read these or similar books, and we all recognize the truths within them, and as we have learned on our individual journeys, there is no new information; the wisdom they offer has been around for thousands of years.  For many of us, it was this recognition that triggered our yearning to move forward on this path towards reconnection with the Self.

But what we truly yearn for is to know what it might it be like to create and navigate our lives from a place of complete coherence, fully connected to all that we are and all that we know, with complete and unfettered access to all the gifts, abilities, knowledge and wisdom that our soul has accumulated during all our adventures throughout space and time.

If you are ready to uncover and experience the secrets your soul knows…ADVENTURES IN CONSCIOUSNESS provides the opportunity to explore these ancient wisdoms experientially and in the process uncover their full relevance to your life and your soul’s unfolding.

ADVENTURES IN CONSCIOUSNESS takes you on journeys into the meta realm where, freed from the limitations of the mind and the entrained patterns and programs that limit understanding by labeling information according to what it already knows, you will explore in a safe environment the inner and the outer reaches of awareness, unlocking the timeless knowledge held within the wisdom of your soul, and reconnecting with the master that you already are.


Many times, we’ve heard that we are divine beings of light – spiritual beings having a temporary human experience.   But what does this actually mean?  More to the point, what possible practical application could this have in helping us make sense – and success of – our day to day lives?

The fact is, at our essence, we are all vast and incredibly powerful beings operating in human form at just a fraction of the full wattage of our light.  But what if there were a way to have complete access to the full spectrum of your being as a real, ongoing experience, as opposed to just an intellectual understanding?

What might it be like to create and navigate your life from a place of complete coherence, fully connected to all that you are and all that you know, with unfettered access to all the gifts, abilities, knowledge and wisdom that your soul has accumulated during all your adventures throughout space and time?

If you feel that you are now ready to uncover the secret and experience what your soul knows…