Spiritual Wisdom Esoteric Secrets Library of Individual Talks

Course Description

Course Description

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Damanhur Mystery School Courses

Course Description

Course Description


Damanhur Mystery School Courses are presented as individual weekend intensives. Each weekend intensive is a stand-alone course and may be taken individually as long as any prerequisites are satisfied.  Credits will be awarded for each individual workshop.

Damanhur Mystery School is a three year program.   The majority of the classes can now be taken online and are included in this package.  There are, however, a few courses each year that are only offered in Italy at Damanhur.

Courses Titles and Schedule:

  • Jan 8th – 10th      Spiritual Physics -Level 1
  • Feb 12th – 14th    Astral Travel -Level 1
  • Mar 12th – 14th    Past Lives -Level 1
  • Apr 9th – 11th       Inner Harmonization -Level 1
  • May 7th – 9th       Dream Path -Level 1
  • Jun 11th – 13th    Divination
  • Jul 9th – 11th       Ancient Civilizations & Pre-Atlantean History -Level 1
  • Aug 13th – 15th   Past Lives -Level 2

Spiritual Wisdom Esoteric Secrets Series Module III

Course Description

Course Description


Spiritual Wisdom & Esoteric Secrets is an intriguing series of Lectures, Q&A, and Meditations presented by Damanhur Ambassador, Crotalo Sesamo. In each 90 minute live zoom session, Crotalo will share some insights and deep understandings found in the mysteries. (All live talks will also be recorded and available in a virtual classroom for On-Demand Replay)

Each Sunday, 1 pm, eastern beginning January 3, 2021 via Zoom.

Commencing Sunday, January 3,  2021 01:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) and continuing live on Zoom every week for 14 weeks. (12 Talks plus 2 bonus Q&A Sessions)

Weekly topics:
Class  1:     01/03/21 Microlines – The Energy Lines of the Soul within the Human body
Class  2:     01/10/21 Alchemy – The basis of all Magic
Class  3:     01/17/21  Magical Instruments – Spheres, Temples, & Selfie Cabins
Class  4:     01/24/21  Selfica Paintings
Class  5:     01/31/21  Structure of Time – Part 3
Class  6:     02/07/21  Art of Divination – Tarot, Stones, & Oracle
Bonus 7:    02/14/21  Bonus Q&A
Class  8:     02/21/21  Magical Places in the World – Part 1
Class. 9:     02/28/21  Spirals, Circuits, & Labyrinth
Class 10:    03/07/21  Astral Plane, Part 2 – The Invisible 
Class 11:    03/14/21  Projection of the Pre-Atlantis – Transformation of the Future
Class 12:    03/21/21  Shadows of Form
Class 13:    03/28/21  Seven Scarlet Doors – Path of Enlightenment
Bonus 14:  04/04/21  Bonus Q&A

Price $242.00 for 14 classes

“Spiritual View – Worldwide Situation”

Free Bonus Video

About Crotalo Sesamo

About Crotalo Sesamo

Crótalo Sésamo (Alessandro Zattoni) was born in Turin (Italy) in 1970 and has lived in the Federation of Damanhur for more than 28 years, as a spiritual researcher, Spiritual Healer, and builder of the Temple.

As a director from 1991-1995, he helped form the Damanhur Center in Turin and from 1996-2010 he created and was CEO of both the Damanhur Welcome Center and the Olami University at Damanhur, which organizes visits, seminars, and educational programs that are enjoyed by thousands of guests from around the globe who visit The Federation and the Temples of Humankind every year.

In 2001 he become Ambassador of Damanhur and now travels the world, teaching, and opening Centers and reference points to teach and opening Centers across the globe.

As a specialist in the fields of Spiritual Healing, Ancient Civilizations, and Inner Research, he teaches courses in Astral Travel, Past Lives Research, Inner Harmonizing, Selfic Healing, the widening of Perception, and Contact with the Plant World. He also acts as an educator in the realms of social, spiritual, economic, political. and organizational implications of community life, and the relationship with the state, other associations, and communities.

In March 2016, Crotalo spoke at the United Nations’ International Day of Happiness as the representative for the Damanhur Federation.

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