Spiritual Exercises & Esoteric Secrets

Library of Individual Talks

 $25.00 / Each

*Each 90-minute video recording includes a talk, Q&A, and meditation (time permitting).  

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Spiritual Views

Birth of the Universe & Myth of the Mirror

Structure of the Human Soul & It’s Mission

Mission of Falco, Damanhur & Temples of Humankind

The New Timeline – New Future

Ancient & Extraterrestrial History of Humankind & Atlantis

Synchronic Line & Synchronicity

Distant Healing – How Does It Work?

Selfica – Art & Technology for the Future

Bonus Talk – A deeper look into Selfic Technology

Time Travel – Part 1

Inner Senses – Hidden Treasure

New Form Of The Grail

Dimensions of the Astral Plane – Part 1

Thoughts and Creations

Divinities & Interacting with them

World of Dreams

Communication With The Plant Kingdom

Selfica and Spirals

Structure of Time (Part 2)

Past Lives – the Soul Journey

History of Magic

Three Mother Worlds and Their Interaction

Lemuria and Other Important Civilizations

Magic of Egypt

Triad and Reharmonization of Divine Forces

Micro Lines

Alchemy – The Basis of Magic

Magical Instruments

Selfica Paintings