Damanhur Mystery School

Ancient Civilizations of Humankind and

Pre-Atlantean History (Level I)

The adventure of human beings in the universe is much older than what is normally told: the succession of ancient alien and extraterrestrial colonies and their cultural and territorial influence is the origin of the different evolutionary strands of human seeds on Earth.

In this interpretative key of reality there are many of the answers to the questions we ask ourselves. During the course we will focus on the classic themes of this research. Atlantis, for example, also stellar empires, galactic civilizations, alien species with which we have crossed our destinies.

Course Details:

Saturday 29-Aug    5:00pm EDT — Live with Crotalo – Opening Talk with Q&A                     

Sunday 30-Aug       5:00pm EDT – Zoom Lecture with Crotalo

Saturday 5-Sep       5:00pm EDT – Zoom Lecture with Crotalo                                      

Sunday 6-Sep          5:00pm EDT – Live Zoom with Crotalo – Share, Q&A, Closing 

All sessions are 2 hours.  Will add additional time for questions when needed.


Introductory Price: $225. (regularly $275)