Magic & Mysteries




An Adventure of Discovery

with Crotalo Sesamo


October 10th  to October 22, 2022   

First Trip Sold Out in 48 hrs so we’ve added another.

September 26th to October 8th, 2022




Welcome to Egypt

An Esoteric Journey of a Lifetime

Crotalo Sesamo,  World Ambassador of Damanhur,  will be your guide in this magical Journey through Egypt.   He has been leading groups on this particular adventure for a number of years now and I can promise you that this journey will prove to be so much more than your average trip to Egypt.

As a teacher at the Mystery School of Damanhur, Crotalo has specialized in courses such as Ancient Civilization & Pre-Atlantean History, Inner Harmonization, and  Astral Travel.  If you have had the opportunity to take any of his courses in the past, then you know his deep knowledge and passion for Egypt with its’ hidden esoteric secrets.

Imagine together, with Crotalo’s guidance, unlocking the codes of sacred information stored within the many Temples you visit.  With his expertise and knowledge, Crotalo is uniquely qualified to offer you a truly transformational experience in the ‘Trip Of A Lifetime’

If you would like to have the opportunity to experience a truly valuable spiritual awakening, this is the pilgrimage for you!

One of the most exciting aspects of the trip will be the private visits to the Great Pyramid (Cheops) & Philae Temple, where you will have time to deeply connect to yourselve.

In addition to the visits to the temples, pyramids and museums, you will have the opportunity for a number of days to travel on a luxury boat down the River Nile that is reserved for our group only.  The lands along the Nile are rich with plant and bird life; rural farmers work the land by hand and it is absolutely lovely to travel along these shores. With our boat, we will be able to pull into little islands and visit places that few people ever see.

Souls of Egypt Travel, the organizers of the trip, specialize in bringing spiritual truth seekers together as part of their vision for global and personal transformation. Through collaboration with other leaders and teachers in the spiritual world they work with groups to share the mysteries and magic of Egypt and her sacred sites.

Reserve Your Spot for this Magnificent Trip

14 Guests Maximum for the Ultimate in Pampering & Exploration

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$7,250 Per Person – Based on Double Occupancy


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(*There may be adjustments with regard to activity and/or day based on ‘synchronisity’.  Intention is to experience sites at the best times with least crowds)

Day 1:  Arrival Cairo, “Ahlan Wa Sahlan”!

Upon arrival at Cairo International airport, our friendly representative will be waiting for you.

After claiming your luggage you will be escorted to your luxury hotel with your included transfer.

Meals: Dinner / Overnight: Oasis Pyramids Hotel or similar.

Day 2:  Visit the Grand Egyptian Museum – Aroma Oils – Sufi Show

After breakfast you visit the brand new Grand Egyptian Museum. It is described as the largest archaeological museum in the world. It opens in June of 2021 after the installation of approximately 100,000 artifacts, including 3,000 from the tomb of Tutankhamun. The museum is built on a slope between the Nile valley and the Giza Plateau, where the main galleries are situated.

A massive statue of Ramses II greets you upon entry into the main atrium. The Grand Staircase, which leads from valley level to plateau, is lined with 87 statues of kings and gods.

The main galleries lead from the staircase and are divided into four eras: pre-dynastic (up to 3100 B.C.) and Old Kingdom (the pyramid builders), Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom (Tutankhamun, Ramses and Co) and Greco-Roman.

At the end, visitors are led to tall glass windows which look out toward the pyramids.

  • After the museum we will visit a wonderful place of ancient aroma oils, where we will hear ancient stories about the use of oils and also experience the diverse essences directly with all our senses.
  • After dinner we are invited to see a wonderful Sufi Show.

Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner / Overnight: Oasis Pyramids Hotel or similar.

Day 3:  Visit Sphinx

Enjoy your luxury breakfast, meet up with your passionate Egyptologist, start day by excursion to visit sphinx at Pyramids area.

Free afternoon, back to hotel, overnight Cairo.

Meals: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner / Overnight: Oasis Pyramids Hotel or similar


Day 4:  Fly to Luxor – Karnak & Luxor Temple by Night

Enjoy your breakfast at the hotel, checkout, transfer to Cairo airport for short flight to Luxor where we will be assisted, transfered to the Hotel and check in.

After the hotel we will visit the “Karnak Temples“. This gigantic temple complex is the largest ancient religious site in the world. A large religious center consisting of temples, chapels, obelisks, sanctuaries, the sacred lake and the impressive Hypostyle Hall of 134 enormous column.


In the late afternoon we will take you for a tour to “Ipt-Rsyt” as known in the new kingdom, “Luxor Temple” “Al Aksur” in Arabic; which means “the Palaces”. The Temple is located anciently in the Capital of Egypt “Thebes” situated on the Eastern Bank of the Nile & dedicated to the king ”Amon-Ra”. It has always been a sacred sight, majestically standing as a remembrance to the ancient Egyptian civilization.

It has an amazing entrance “Pylon” built by king Ramses II; anciently; the entrance of that complex was exclusively for the Pharaohs, priests and some of the official’s ones. Now it is one of the top visited sights in Egypt.

Meals: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner/ Overnight: Sonesta St. George Luxor Hotel or Similar


Day 5:  Abydos – Dendera

Early Breakfast in the Hotel, we will take you for a tour to Abydos which has a special place in the sacred landscape of ancient Egypt, as it was believed to be the place where Osiris was buried. Thus, Abydos was an important cult center for Osiris. A number of temples dedicated to Osiris, all of which were located in one area, were built prior to the reign of Seti.

The Temple of Seti, however, was built on new ground to the south of the said temples.

Continue to Dendera to explore, The Dendera Temple Complex covers an area of 40,000 square meters ( sq. ft.), and is surrounded by a large mudbrick wall. Within this enclosure are various structures, including the Temple of the Birth of Isis, a Roman mammisi (attributed either to the reign of Trajan or Nero), a sanatorium, and a sacred lake. It was made famous by a carving that many believe depicts an electrical lightbulb.

Nevertheless, the most impressive part of the temple complex is undoubtedly the Temple of Hathor. The Temple of Hathor was largely constructed during the Late Ptolemaic period, specifically during the reign of Ptolemy XII and Cleopatra VII. Later additions were made during the Roman period. Although built by a dynasty of rulers who were not native Egyptians themselves, the design of this temple has been found to be in accordance to that of other classical Egyptian temples, with the exception of the front of the hypostyle hall, which, according to an inscription above the entrance, was constructed by the Emperor Tiberius.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner / Overnight: Sonesta St. George Luxor Hotel or Similar

Day 6:  West Bank Luxor – First Night on Board Dahabya


Breakfast in the Hotel, followed by our tour at the West Bank of The Nile River – “Deir El Bahari funerary temple – Hatshepsut Temple” one of the greatest Egyptian architectural achievements. Designed by Senenmut (Hatshepsut’s steward and architect), this mortuary temple closely resembles the classical Greek architecture of 1,000 years later. Located on the west bank of the Nile, opposite the city of Luxor (ancient Thebes), Hatshepsut’s temple is part of the Theban Necropolis. Built in a half circle of cliffs, this memorial temple marks the entrance to the Valley of the Kings. Djeser Djeseru (holy of holiest) is the name of the main building of the temple of Hatshepsut.

After that we visit “The Valley of The Kings”, considered as the royal cemetery with 64 tombs, and is located on the west bank at Luxor. The only entrance to this place was a long narrow winding path. This was a secret place, where sentries were placed at the entrance of the Valley, as well as along the top of the hills, in the hopes of discouraging tomb robbers, who had in the past plundered all royal tombs, including the treasures of the Pyramids.

We will spend our first night on board Dahabya.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner / Overnight: on Board Samara Dahabya or Similar.

Day 7:  Sailing to Esna – Storytelling – Relaxing


Today we have a full day on our beautiful private boat with Storytelling and relaxing times on the Nile river. We will sail the whole day to Esna.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner / Overnight: on Board Samara Dahabya or Similar.

Day 8:  Sailing to Edfu – Horus Temple – Sail to Komb Ombo


Breakfast on board, today we will enjoy our Visit of the “Horus Temple” or as known “The Temple of Falcon, consists of traditional elements of Egyptian Temples of the New Kingdom, together with a few Greek elements, such as the Mamisi, which is situated to the west of the main entrance of the Temple (Mamisi means “house of the divine birth”). It consists of an entrance, a court and chapel. The walls of the mamisi are decorated with scenes showing the story of the divine birth of Horus the child, in the presence of the Goddess Hathor, the God Khenoum and other deities who were concerned with pregnancy and birthday is leisurely free.

Enjoy the spectacular views, and relax on the sundeck to soak up the golden rays of the Sun shining all over.

Continue sail to Komb Ombo, overnight on board Dahabya.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner / Overnight: on Board Samara Dahabya or Similar.

Day 9:  Visit Komb Ombo – Sail to Aswan


Breakfast on board, we will visit “Kom Ombo”, and “Temple of Sobek”. The history of Kom Ombo reaches back to the time of the Pharaohs, when it served as a garrison town close to the southern border of Egypt. The town was known originally as Nubt, meaning ‘City of Gold’. During the Ptolemaic and Roman periods, the town retained its function, though its name was changed. The Greeks renamed the town as Omboi, while the Romans referred to it as Ambo.

Kom Ombo is most famous for its magnificent temple which still survives to this day.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner / Overnight: on Board Samara Dahabya or Similar

Day 10:  Private Visit To Philae Temple – Last Day On-Board Dahabaya 


Pick your Packed Breakfast Box, today we will enjoy our Visit to “Philae Temple” or as known “The Temple of Goddess Isis, it was mainly built to honor the goddess Isis, this was the last temple built in the classical Egyptian style. Construction began around 690 BC, and it was one of the last outposts where the goddess was worshipped, and considered the main Goddess for fluid of the Nile yearly. 

Enjoy the mysterious tale of Isis and Osiris, after our private visit we will go back to the boat and enjoy the last day on board.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner / Overnight: on Board Samara Dahabya or Similar.

Day 11:  Flying Back to Cairo – Visit Sakkara – Dahshur – Bent Pyramid – Overnight Cairo 


Early breakfast, we will check out and get a transport to the airport. We will take our flight back to Cairo. Later that day we will take you for an incredible visit to Sakkara and Dahshur; located south of modern Cairo, on the west bank of the Nile River, and covers an area over 6 km long and more than 1.5 km wide. It was once part of a larger system of cemeteries that spanned the modern sites of Giza. 

Stopover for lunch, perfect timing to try Egyptian food.

After we will visit the incredible Bent Pyramid, which was closed for over 40 years.

Meals: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner / Overnight: Oasis Pyramids Hotel or similar

Day 12:  Private Visit Great Pyramid

Early Breakfast then we start our Private visit to Great Pyramid to enjoy all parts of Pyramids on private basis, mixed with special lifetime photos.

Considered to be the only remaining wonder of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Pyramid complex stands on the Giza plateau and rises from the desert as a bonfire of strength, inspiration, history & mystery.

The Sphinx stands there guarding the Plateau with a body of a lion and head of a human being that comes from a great wisdom that the protectors of the Land should enjoy the wisdom of men and physical power of the lion king!

  • Evening we will gather to enjoy the farewell Dinner.

Meals: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner / Overnight: Oasis Pyramids Hotel or similar


Day 13:  Final Departure Day


Breakfast at Hotel, Checkout, transfer to Cairo international Airport for final departure after your fabulous visit to Egypt. 

Meals: Breakfast.


  • $7,250 per person based on double occupancy
  • Pick up & drop off transfers
  • Transfers & Tours via deluxe cars
  • Meet, greet & assistance service
  • 3 nights hotel accommodation at Oasis Pyramids Hotel or similar
  • 2 nights hotel accommodation at Sonesta St. George Luxor Hotel or Similar
  • 5 nights on board Samara Dahabya or similar – sailing from Luxor to Aswan
  • 2 nights in Cairo second stay at oasis Pyramids Hotel or similar
  • Daily breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Farewell dinner
  • Entrance fees to all mentioned sightseeing
  • Private Visit to Great Pyramid of Giza
  • Private Visit Philae temple in Aswan
  • Relevant transfers
  • Private English speaking – Egyptologist & Tour Guide throughout
  • Domestic flight tickets – Cairo/Luxor – Aswan/Cairo
  • Your total price paid of $7,250 includes all gratuities required for the organizers staff.  If desired you can also tip an additional amount directly to your Egyptologist Guide and your Tour Guide who will both be with you the entire journey. 




  • Entry Visa
  • International flights tickets to and from Egypt
  • Pre or post night stays
  • Meals other than the listed ones
  • Phone calls, laundry, personal expenses, optional tours, drinks, etc
  • Travel Insurance
  • Any unmentioned item

Registration Details



Total Price:   $7,250 (based on Double Occupancy)

$1,000 deposit is due May 30, 2022

The remaining balance:

$2,525 due by July 1, 2022

$2,525 due by August 1, 2022

$1,200 paid in Egypt


This trip will sell out quickly.  If you are interested, contact me directly to reserve your spot