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Library of Individual Talks Series 1

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*Each 90 session is separated into three recordings (when applicable): Crotalo’s Talk, Q&A and a Meditation.

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FREE – Spiritual Views

Crotalo shares a spiritual view of the current pandemic situation worldwide. Recorded in June of 2020.

Free bonus video

1. Birth of the Universe & Myth of the Mirror

2. Structure of the Human Soul & Its’ Mission

A new understanding of the potentials of the human soul. Including a fascinating theory of our personalities.

3. Mission of Falco, Damanhur & Temples of Humankind


Learn about the Avatar, Falco. A spiritual master that came back to create a new future for humankind. Exploring the spiritual reason, creation of the community of Damanhur, and Temples of Humankind.

4. The New Timeline – New Future

Crotalo explores why so many things are happening at this moment in our life. Why things seem to be accelerating. What is the new timeline and how we are living and creating a new future…

5.  The Ancient History of Humankind & Atlantis

The beginning of life on this planet is not what we are taught in school or books. Crotalo reveals some of the fascinating research coming out of Damanhur. Finally, we begin to understand why this planet is so special… and not only just for us.

6. Synchronic Lines & Synchronicity


7. Distant Healing – How Does It Work?

Healing is a powerful process of transformation. Crotalo explores the different possibilities to heal and to transform our lives… even when there is not a healer present with you.

8. Selfica – Art & Technology for the Future

Selfica is one of the most important science technologies used in ancient civilizations such as Atlantis and Egypt. We now have access to this technology and a possibility to use these great helpers for our life.

Bonus Talk – A deeper look into Selfic Technology

After Crotalo’s previous talk “Selfica – Art and Technology for the future” (Talk # 8), there was a request for more on Selfica. Crotalo now brings a Special Guest – Rhondine – to go deeper in conversation about this technology. In particular the SpheroSelf, StiloSelfs and Personal Selfs.

9. Time Travel – Part 1

A fascinating approach to time in which time travel is explained as a possibility for humankind. A rich talk with Crotalo where he shares some of the research out of Damanhur about Time Travel.

10. Inner Senses – Hidden Treasure

Crotalo shares how to use possibilities that are passing thru our senses. Not only the external senses, but the ones that are connected to the soul and the potential of the soul.

11. New Form Of The Grail

This talk on the Form of The Grail gives a new understanding to one of the myths of the past. A myth that is very connected to this moment of life. You will understand the search for the Grail through out history and the different forms in which this enormous force has manifested.

12. Dimensions of the Astral Plane – Part 1

“The Astral Plane”, “The Invisible”, “The Dimension”, “The Threshold ~ are all different names talking about the AURA OF THE MATTER. Within this dimension we find the ancient mysteries of humankind. We also discover different intelligences and forces that are inhabitants of the astral realm

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