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Library of Individual Talks Series 2

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*Each 90 session is separated into three recordings (when applicable): Crotalo’s Talk, Q&A and a Meditation.  

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13. Thoughts and Creations

14. Interactions with Divinities

Crotalo shares with us an expansive talk about divinities and our interaction with them. One of the most important elements lost to humankind, is a relationship with the divine forces. Forces that are crucial for our evolution and for the acceleration of the spiritualization of matter. Discover how this relationship has changed during the history of humankind.

15. World of Dreams

World of Dreams is the training ground for manifesting our reality. The dreaming process is something we do naturally every night to train the power of creation. Dreams are also a way to connect with forces and with intelligent energies that can support us with our life mission.

16. Communication With The Plant Kingdom

The wise ones, or sages, of this planet are the plants and nature. In this crucial time for our world, nature is reawakening a frequency of change… of transformation. By reconnecting with the plant kingdom and building the alliance, we find the support for personal and global transformation.

17. Selfica and Spirals

A continuation of “Selfica – The Art and Technology of the Future” (Talk #8) in this talk Crotalo goes deeper into the understandings of Selfica and Spirals as intelligent energies that can support our process of evolution. He shares the mechanics that create this relationship between humans and sacred geometry, like spirals.

18. Structure of Time (Part 2)

A continuation of the conversation from Time Travel (Talk #9), where Crotalo shares the ‘geography’ of time. Sharing different aspects that are crucial to understand about time packages and what life is bringing to us through time.

19. Past Lives – the Soul Journey

Past Lives explores the journey of the soul across time in many different parts of time. You are going to discover that, in reality, you currently exist in different moments in time…. Future or Past.

20. History of Magic

Exploring magic as the interaction of forces. Crotalo will share an understanding of the relationship between forces and the energy that moves between these forces. The energy that can only be created in our world of form… can only be created by us.

21. Three Mother Worlds & Their Interaction

Since the beginning of Damanhur, there have been many important operations. Some have been completed while others are still left to finish. One of these magical operations, in fact one of the most important ones, is to Re-create the union between the three mother worlds. Something that was a reality in the past. The union of the world of The Humans, The Plants, and The Nature Spirits. An archetype that we’ve lost and that we desperately need to reconnect to.

22. Lemuria & Other Important Civilizations

In the History of Humankind we talk about Atlantis as the civilization that has had the most important impact on our planet in these last 22,000 years. But obviously, Lemuria is another time empire that has left a strong imprint on the planet.

23. Magic of Egypt

Egypt is the one civilization that, better than any other, has been able to keep alive part of the Atlantis knowledge. In fact, in Egypt you are still able to see and read the language of the stones, accessing the mysteries of this lost civilization.

24. Triad & Reharmonization of Divine Forces

The Triad is an important Theurgic Operation  worked on for the last 35 years in Damanhur. This magical operation re-unites all of the divine forces from around the planet. With this operation, we are able to access the guidance for the direction of a new time line that will bring the planet back to reconnect with the stars.

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