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Library of Individual Talks Series 3

 $25.00 / Each

*Each 90 session is separated into three recordings (when applicable): Crotalo’s Talk, Q&A and a Meditation.  

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25. Microlines

Microlines, like the meridians from ancient traditions, are energetic points from which information moves in and out from our system, from our soul.  Join Crotalo as he explores the Microlines and their connection to our inner senses.

26. Alchemy – The Basis of Magic

Alchemy is one of the most important ways to transform… to transform metals into gold… to transform ourselves. To transform everything from one substance to another or from one energy to another.


27. Magical Instruments

28. Selfic Paintings

29. Structure of Time – Part 3

30. Art of Divination – Tarot, Stones, & Oracles

31. Bonus Q&A Part 3-1

32. Magical Places in the
World – Part 1

33. Spirals, Circuits & Labrynth

34. Astral Plane Part 2 – The Invisible

35. Pre-Atlantis Projection – Transformation of the Future

36. Shadows of Form

37. Seven Scarlet Doors – Path to Enlightenment

Bonus Q&A Part 3-2

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