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Library of Individual Talks Series 4

 $25.00 / Each

*Each 90 session is separated into three recordings (when applicable): Crotalo’s Talk, Q&A and a Meditation.  

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38. Cosmogenesis – Illumination and Evolution of Matter

39. Cosmogenesis – Synchronicity

40. Time Travel

41. Atlantis, The Golden Age of Humanity

42. Soul Journey & Personalities
An exploration into the theory of Inner Personalities.  Learn about the  different parts of us, each part with different emotions and feelings that seem to move us in different directions.  With the theory of personalities you can begin to understand who you really are.
43. Arts of Divination – Part 2
Learn the difference between a Mantic and a Divination. Crotalo will also explore the connection to time and the future. How to get help with your life and indications about our civilization.

44. Bonus Q&A Session

45. Spiritual Exercises Part 1
A journey into practical exercises to explore more meaning inside of us. The understanding of why we are here and of our mission
46. Path of the Eight Quests
The eight steps for enlightenment. A magic formula that Falco (Oberto Airaudi) gave to all Damanhurians to achieve transformation.
47. Vajne Project – 600 Years in the Future
48. Magical Places – Part 2
There are places on the planet that are the memory of all mankind. Pages of the book of knowledge that have been spread all over the planet. We are going to open the first page of this book.
49. Re-Awakening the Deities of Humanity
Discover the main divine forces that are leading the Age of Aquarius. The age of transformation and reawakening of spirituality.

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