Conscious Co-Creation

with Shama Viola

Four week on-line classes, 2 hours each, via Zoom, held on Sundays at 11:30 A.M., EDT.

Sept. 6th, Sept. 13th, Sept. 20th, Sept. 27th

You are the creator of your reality.
You can create this reality in positive or negative ways.
Your own awareness is manifested externally in your life.

Consider the possibility of consciously co-creating your reality. Empowered with your desire and deliberately affirming that you want to reach all of the happiness, love, and satisfaction that is rightfully yours.

In ‘Conscious Co-Creation’, Shama will guide you to become progressively more conscious as you choose to create in a constructive way.

You will become aware of the mental processes which encourage you to hold on to the limited expressions of self that are preventing you from realizing who you really are.

As your awareness expands, the external manifestation and experiences of your reality will begin to change as the old reality, based on your old consciousness, starts reconstructing itself in delightful and surprising ways.

Working with the universal power within, you will be guided to reinforce your mind with the necessary creative energy to sweep away all that stops and blocks you from experiencing the greater, positive expression of who you are.

Our goal is to consciously create a new reality where the limited merges with the limitless to manifest the reality of your dreams.


Four live 2/hour Zoom Sessions.  Each session will include a talk, Q&A and a meditation experience.

Coming Soon

Students will have access to a virtual classroom for on demand viewing and resources.