Adventures in Consciousness – Pillar One

 Into The Physical Realm

with Jennifer Evanko

Journey deeper than you’ve ever gone before.  Each journey guides you into the meta realm where, freed from limitations of your mind, you get to play and explore the inner and outer reaches of your awareness.

Supported by an energetically-coherent group of like-minded adventurers, you will unlock the timeless wisdom of your soul to fully reconnect with the master that you already are.

This extraordinary 13-week series of journeys takes you through the “The Physical Realm”, the first of four Pillars of SELF.  Over the course of a year we will continue the adventure through all four Pillars, exploring the multiple dimensions of the human experience.

"Adventures in Consciousness"

Pillar One: Into The Physical Realm

with Jennifer Evanko
The Quest:  To uncover the first layers of treasures, tools & super powers.

The adventure begins the first week of February and continue for 13 weeks, until the end of April.  Each week, on Tuesday evenings there will be a live zoom call presenting the journey for the week.  These zooms will be recorded and posted to a virtual classroom where you will have access to all previous recordings for 'on-demand' viewing.  You will also receive access to download audio files of each meditation.

Schedule for AIC - Pillar One

Week 1:  Connecting to the Mystery Schools Throughout Time.  From the Lemurians to the Atlanteans to the Greeks to the modern day, Mystery Schools have been the guardians and repositories of arcane knowledge, powerful rituals and esoteric secrets.  Your first "Adventure in Consciousness" will take you on a journey through time that will connect you to the wisdom of the Mystery Schools of History.

Week 2: Exploring the Kinesthetic Body.  Your body and your mind harbor a multitude of secrets that lie waiting to be claimed.  This week's journey will introduce you to your entelechy, with whose help you will open up dormant parts of your being that can activate a quantum leap into a new and significantly more powerful version of your Self.

Week 3:  Connecting With Your Optimal Body.  Learn how to resonate with the vitality and wisdom of your body intelligence.  Access the secret to your body's energetic template, and receive the source codes for your optimal health.

Week 4:  Unleashing Your Body Intelligence.  Explore the world from the wisdom of your body's perspective.  Create an entirely new relationship with your body based on sensory body awareness.

Week 5:  Activating Your Inner Senses, Building Your Personal Inner Temple.  Everything we perceive in the world is informed and filtered by our internal receptors.  Closed by overwhelm, these receptors will now be reactivated so you can travel deeper into the meta realm where you will spend time in a sacred meadow, building your own personal inner temple.

Week 6:  Satsang with Jennifer.  As we come together in this Satsang, we will consciously experience the high frequency field we have collectively been weaving over the last five weeks.  Connecting with our entelechies, we will join in an enlightened conversation sharing the tools, measures and insights we have discovered.  This is a time of discussion, questions, sharing, and preparing for the deepening journeys that lie ahead.

Week 7:  Initiating Yourself To The Elements Of Creation.  How does creation happen?  How do you manifest your reality? In this journey we will immerse ourselves in the wisdom of creation and experience the flow of the energy as it moves from pure potential to inspiration to concrete realization.  By the end of this session, you will hold in your hands the secret to conscious co-creation.

Week 8:  Reflections Of The Universe - An Experiential Journey Across The Cosmos.  Connecting with the heartbeat of Mother Earth and journey with Gaia into the cosmos.  In this session you will experience the primal sounds of Gaia calling us to awaken and become aware of the flow of the tides the phases of the moon, and the movement of the stars as a reflection of our soul's journey through time.

Week 9:  Shapeshifting With Merlin.  Journey to the Ancient Spring.  Sip from Merlin's Sacred Pool.  Guided by the haunting rhythms of the Shaman's drum, journey with your entelechy to explore Mother Nature as you've never experienced Her before.  Enjoy a multi sensory, shapeshifting experience of life as a bird... a bee... a tree... living, breathing, sensing, seeing, and absorbing the wisdom of each expression of Nature.

Week10:  Unraveling The Mysteries Of Your Energetic Bodies 1 - Sound, Vibration, & Color.  We are beings of energy, light, and frequency.  This week you will apply the power of attention and intention to create an internal resonance that will restore balance and harmony within your bodily system.

Week 11:  Unraveling The Mysteries Of Your Energetic Bodies 2 - Discovering The Gifts You Left Behind.  If you think you know all there is to know about your chakras, think again.  Each of your chakras is a doorway.  Journey with Entelechy back through tie and space to retrieve the forgotten treasures locked within these powerful energy points.

Week 12:  Satsang with Jennifer.  In our second Satsang, we will re-examine the high frequency field from a new perspective.  Sharing our individual stories, we will see the evidence of the quantum leap that can occur when a coherent collective combines its energies and intentions to create an exponential effect.

Week 13:  Expanding Beyond the Physical Realm.  Opening the Doors to Pillar 2 - A Taste of Things To Come.  Having completed your exploration of the physical realm where everything is observable and measurable, we now prepare to go deeper into the subtle realms of the psychological and the mythic, and reclaim your power to create alchemy in your life.