Combined Pranotherapy, StiloSelf and Slitino Session


Get the benefits of all three technologies with the Combo Package.
Jennifer will use all three technologies in one session Pranotherapy, Stiloself and Slitino enhancing your experience with each of the technologies. 
Pranatherapy is a good ally as a prevention to maintain inner harmony and to keep the aura, your “subtle body”, strong.
Stiloself rebalances the physical energetic and subtle systems of the human body
Slitinoself  is also used by itself in the aura to balance and align the geometry of the energy bodies and of the individual organs.

Each session is 60 minutes $125/session or $1000.00/10 sessions


Pranotherapy Session- Spiritual Healing: 

Pranotherapy uses the pure vital energy of the Universe, called Prana, to discharge stress from the body-mind system.  Pranatherapy activates the self-healing potential of your body, fortifying the immune system and the self-defense organisms.  This practice actively re-balances emotions, opens the spiritual pathways for individual evolution and supports and accelerates the healing process.  Received regularly, Pranatherapy is a good ally as a prevention, to maintain inner harmony and to keep the aura, your “subtle body”, strong.  



The Stiloself is an intelligent healing tool that allows you to obtain positive results in short periods of time. It is a non-invasive tool that rebalances the physical, energetic and subtle systems of the human body. The Stiloself is based on the principles of acupuncture over the meridians but it can also be used directly on the physical source of pain or of inflammation. It has a beneficial action especially on problems like: pains, inflammations, small wounds, burns, difficulties of movement, degenerative processes, etc.

The Stiloself can also be used when there’s no specific problem, for sessions of psycho-physical regenerations and to balance the chakras and the energetic points of the physical body and of the Aura.

Slitino (also called the Slide)
The Slitino is another intelligent Selfic healing tool.  It is used in combination with the StiloSelf.  It deepens the healing process as it prepares the body to receive the ‘micro attractors’ during a Stiloself treatment.  If you think of the energy coming from the StiloSelf as pure energy ’seeds’ of potential that the body’s own intelligence uses to heal, then you can think of the Slitino as the ‘hoe’ that lays the ground work.
The Slitino is also used by itself in the aura to balance and align the geometry of the energy bodies and of the individual organs.
Thanks to a sophisticated system called “selfic” system; in this case some personal data as well as a recent picture of the person are needed, and when the treatment is for a specific area of the body a picture of that part of the body is also needed. 
Combined PranaTherapy, StiloSelf and Slitino Session.  60minutes $125/session or $1000/10 Sessions

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All Three Combo Sessions

1 session for $125.00, 10 sessions for $1000.00

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