The Alchemy of Her-Bonus Class with Esperide Ananas Ametista


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Bonus Class  One on-line class, 90 minutes via Zoom for Free

 Saturday; Aug. 29th at 12:00 P.M. EDT

Not sure if Alchemy for Her is for you? Join Esperide Ananas Ametista on Saturday, August 29th, at 12:00 p.m. EDT for FREE.

The topic for this bonus class will be “Women, our role in these times of transformation and how Selfica can support us in the Awakening.”  Enjoy an opportunity to experience the energy, excitement and wisdom that Esperide has to share with us in this interactive class. At the end of the class, enjoy a closing meditation in which she will use the spiritual technology of Selfica, (developed in Damanhur).
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The Alchemy of Her 

Bonus Class with Esperide Ananas Ametista

Price: Free.  First Class only 90 minutes  via Zoom

Bonus class Saturday, August 29, 2020 at 12:00 p.m., EDT

Our world needs women, now more than ever.

Awakened and fulfilled women able to integrate their feminine and masculine sides.

Only in this way, can women support the birth of a new humanity.

A new time in which women, men, children and all beings of our planet are safe, happy and living in harmony. 

Learn about the exciting discoveries in the field of neurosciences, biology and anthropology on the nature of women, love and human bonding.

Enjoy guided meditations at the end of each session to manifest the timeline where you can be fully realized, as a woman to give more joy to the people you love and the world. During the meditations, I use the spiritual technology of Selfica. It is an ancient art-science, revived and developed at Damanhur to connect to nature's life-force to increase vitality and well-being. It links with spiritual forces in order to support your power of intention and manifest the line of events most conducive to growth and self-realization.

Receive directions for playful exercises and ritual moments to re-awaken creativity, go deep into your heart, and develop your natural intuitive abilities.

Discover the power of your body and your senses, and expand your ability to feel pleasure;

Perceive how vital energy moves in your body and learn to guide and use it for your well-being and creative projects.

Learn more about how men feel and think, to help find greater balance with your partner, your children, and all the men in your life.

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