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Free Bonus – An Esoteric Talk with Crotalo

Crotalo shares a spiritual view of the current situation worldwide.

Spiritual View-Worldwide Situation

Spiritual View-Worldwide Situation Q&A

Spiritual View-Worldwide Situation Meditation

#1 Birth of the Universe & Myth of the Mirror

In this first Esoteric Talk, Crotalo shares the mythic story of  “the beginning of the beginning and the meaning of our soul journey in this life”.  Exploring deep understandings about where we come from, where we go and our coming back.

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#2 Structure of the Human Soul & It’s Mission

A new understanding of all of the potential of the human soul. Including a fascinating theory of our personalities.

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#3 Mission of Falco, Damanhur & Temples of Humankind

In this talk, Crotalo tells about the Avatar, Falco.  A spiritual master that came back to create a new future for humankind.  Exploring the spiritual reason for the creation of the community of Damanhur and the Temples of Humankind.

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#4 The New Timeline – New Future

In this talk, Crotalo explores why so many things are happening at this moment in our life.  Why things seem to be accelerating.  What is the new timeline and how we are living and creating a new future…

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#5 Ancient & Extraterrestrial History of Humankind & Atlantis

The beginning of life on this planet is not what is taught in school or read in the books of evolution and history.  Crotalo reveals fascinating research.  Finally, we begin to understand why this planet is so special… and not only just for us.

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#6 Synchronic Line & Synchronicity

In this talk, Crotalo shares the meaning of the energy that is connecting everything and everyone.  How all the events connect with all possibilities.  He also shares a map of the synchronic lines that envelope the earth, with some interesting points where they intersect.

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#7 Distant Healing – How Does It Work?

Healing is the most powerful process of transformation.  Crotalo explores the different possibilities to heal, to transform our lives… even when there is not a healer present with you.

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#8 Selfica – Art & Technology For The Future

Selfica is one of the most important science technologies used in ancient civilizations such as Atlantis and Egypt.  We now have access to this technology and a possibility to use these great helpers for our life.

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Bonus Talk – A deeper look into Selfic Technology

Crotalo and Special Guest – Rhondine – talk more about Selfic Technology. In particular the SpheroSelf, StiloSelfs and Personal Selfs.

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#9 Time Travel

A fascinating approach to time in which time travel is explained as a possibility of humankind.

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#10 Inner Senses – Hidden Treasure

Crotalo shares how to use possibilities that are passing thru our senses.  Not only the external senses, but the ones that are connected to the soul and the potential of the soul.

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#11 New Form Of The Grail

Crotalo gives an understanding to one of the myths of the past that is so connected to this moment of life.  You will understand the search f the grail all along the history of Humankind and the different forms in which this enormous force has been manifested.

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#12 Dimensions of the Astral Plane

“The Astral Plane”, “The Invisible”, “The Dimension”, “The Threshold ~  different names all talking about the AURA OF THE MATTER.  Within this dimension we find the ancient mysteries of humankind. We can also discover the different intelligence and forces that are inhabitants of the astral realm

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#13 Thoughts and Creation

Use of thoughts and the power of creation.

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#14 Divinities & Interacting with them

Crotalo Sesamo shares with us an expansive talk about divinities and our interaction with them.

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#15 World of Dreams

Crotalo speaks on the reality of our dreams.

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#16 Plant Kingdom – Talking With Plants

Coming Soon

#17 Selfica and Spirals

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#18 Structure of Time (part two)

Coming Soon (part 1 is talk #9 above)

#19 Past Lives – the Soul Journey

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#20  History of Magic

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#21 Three Mother Worlds and Their Interaction

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#22 Lemuria and Other Important Civilizations

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#23 Magic of Egypt

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#24 Triad and Reharmonization of Divine Forces

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